BCD Travel Life Sciences Center of Excellence reimagines clinical trial patient travel and logistics

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, March 17, 2021 – BCD Travel’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence today announced an enhanced approach to clinical trial patient travel aimed at shifting the paradigm from traditional service delivery. The approach offers a seamless patient experience that also reduces study team burden, increases program transparency and leverages the existing benefits of corporate travel programs.

“BCD is keenly aware of the importance of patient centricity for our customer and recognizes the significant physical, emotional and financial burdens that can be associated with trial participation,” said Jessica Azoulay, Vice President, Life Sciences Center of Excellence. “However, we also know that most trial sponsors don’t capitalize on the enterprise benefits of their existing corporate programs, which leads to inconsistent servicing, additional study team burden, a lack of transparency and a limited ability to fully leverage suppliers and spend. That’s why we are excited to deliver solutions that address this unmet need in ways that will improve patient centricity and reduce trial attrition.”

With more than 20 years of experience and deep institutional knowledge across 40+ therapeutic areas, BCD is the largest life sciences travel, meetings and consultancy organization. BCD services 90% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 life sciences customers worldwide.

While patient centricity is a primary focus for life sciences, patient travel and logistics fulfillment is an oft-overlooked area, relying on agencies with varying competencies to manage. Many are now looking for solutions to optimize the patient experience. With more than 20 customers in the patient space, BCD’s heightened focus on this population extends across all patient interactions to include patient advocacy, clinical trial participation, improved payment and reimbursement solutions, all with associated communications and campaign strategies that enhance patient engagement.

“Regardless of the type of interaction, from research and development to marketed products, we know that it’s critical to provide patients with the support they require,” Azoulay said. “Our bespoke solutions and specialized teams meet the high-touch and evolving needs of patients. From the moment their journey begins, we’re able to deliver the right solution through trusted relationships central to our seamless, compassionate service delivery.”

BCD’s focus on patient servicing is in addition to its tailored solutions specific to life sciences. The Life Sciences Center of Excellence, announced in February, coalesces servicing, consultation and optimization across BCD’s broad customer base.

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