BCD Travel China partners with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and Colorful Earth to drive sustainable transformation in business travel

SHANGHAI, People’s Republic of China, December 19, 2023 To support companies in their quest for sustainable business travel, BCD Travel China, GSTC and Colorful Earth have entered a partnership for 2024. In a collaborative effort, the partners are set to unveil the “Sustainable Business Travel Strategy Guide” along with a suite of training programs targeted at corporate clients, their travel managers and sustainability professionals.

Amidst the rise of virtual communication and video conferencing, the importance of business travel prevails. Face-to-face interactions remain an essential tool for trust-building, collaborations and partnerships. Nevertheless, the environmental impact of business travel, including carbon emissions and water resource consumption in transportation and accommodation cannot be overlooked. With the pressing issues of escalating global climate change and biodiversity depletion, the need for sustainable business travel is critical. The main challenge facing the business travel industry is how companies can effectively reduce adverse impacts while amplifying positive contributions throughout their business travel.

The objective of the partnership between BCD, GSTC and Colorful Earth is to aid businesses in crafting corporate travel strategies that are both scientifically sound and sustainable in a holistic way. This initiative is geared towards enhancing the ability to measure and control potential environmental and social impacts linked to business travel, empowering companies to make informed and responsible travel decisions. The partnership could also play an important role in achieving corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals.

“We share a vision that travel should not only be about reaching destinations but also about preserving them for future generations,” says Jonathan Kao, Managing Director for BCD Travel North Asia. “We believe that our joint efforts with GSTC and Colorful Earth will inspire and enable companies operating in China to meet their ESG goals by adhering to the utmost standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”

“This collaboration serves as a notable illustration of the outcomes possible when organizations with shared values join forces towards a meaningful goal. Together, we are not just participants but active shapers of the future of corporate travel, blending responsibility with innovation to forge a new path in the industry.

The necessity of this guide is more vital now than ever, providing a starting point for companies worldwide to navigate the complexities of sustainable business travel, ensuring a more environmentally conscious and responsible approach to business journeys” says Randy Durband, CEO of GSTC.

“Colorful Earth is the training partner of GSTC in China. Our joint mission to champion sustainable transformation within the tourism sector has found a strong ally in BCD,” says Koko Tang, Founder of Colorful Earth, board member of GSTC. “We’re excited to this collaboration leveraging our combined strengths to establish sustainable business travel as a standard practice. With GSTC’s support, and BCD’s proficiency in delivering comprehensive travel management solutions, I see the great potentials for a meaningful and positive impact.” The travel guide and training programs are expected to be available in the second half of 2024.

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