BCD Travel launches the SolutionSource® Developer Hub, empowering travel technology providers to build for the future

The Developer Hub provides access to BCD’s open travel technology platform

ATLANTA, October 17, 2019 — Leading global travel management company BCD Travel today introduced the SolutionSource® Developer Hub. The innovative new hub gives technology creators APIs and developer tools they can leverage to build corporate travel solutions tailored for BCD Travel clients. The new Developer Hub initiates a significant next phase of SolutionSource, a platform introduced in February 2018 to provide partners access to BCD technology and a marketplace of third-party solutions to corporate travel customers.

“By investing in APIs and providing open access to our platform, we eliminate the most important challenge faced by travel technology developers,” said Irina Matz, BCD Travel Senior Director of SolutionSource.  “Giving developers access to modern tools and technology allows them to build and deliver solutions catered to the specific needs of our customers.”

At launch, the Developer Hub provides access to five of BCD Travel’s APIs, as well as data extracts to authorized developers — who include startups, established technology providers, online booking tools (OBTs), and even clients wanting to build their own solutions. Developers will be able to learn about BCD’s APIs and other standard data delivery methods, view detailed technical documentation and access sample code.

Through BCD’s APIs, developers have access to shopping and booking capabilities, and itinerary and traveler profile information. Built on top of BCD’s proprietary technology stack, the APIs let developers harness the power of BCD’s multi-source booking repository, content hub, and policy rules engine. The result: highly specialized solutions that integrate with both BCD systems and customer programs — driving change in areas such as cost savings, duty of care and traveler experience.

“As the corporate travel industry continues to evolve, the technology that supports it needs to change as well. BCD Travel is expanding our focus to a much broader range of digital services that use global operating models and technology platforms to enable a unified customer experience,” says Yannis Karmis, BCD Travel Senior Vice President of Product Planning and Development.  “At BCD Travel, we are prioritizing investment in developer tools. The same APIs we use to power our own core solutions — traveler itineraries, shopping and booking, traveler engagement — are the ones we are making available to external consumers, through the Developer Hub.”

BCD Travel’s open platform approach supports and encourages innovation, and collaboration and addresses the four areas that most impact our customers, and corporate travel in general:

  • Digital traveler experience
  • Distribution simplification
  • Data-driven innovation
  • Delivery of global platforms

The SolutionSource marketplace currently includes 19 authorized travel technology partners who have been integrated into 300 travel programs. To shop the marketplace, visit solutionsource.bcdtravel.com. To learn more about the Developer Hub, visit developer.bcdtravel.com.

About BCD Travel

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