BCD Travel expands availability of TripSource Hotels 2015 07 20

BCD Travel moves toward managing hotels at the traveler level

TMC deploying TripSource Hotels across service channels and regions for travelers and agents

ORLANDO, Fla., July 26, 2015 – Following successful client pilots in Europe, BCD Travel now is working to more broadly roll out its proprietary hotel booking platform, TripSource Hotels, the company announced today.

Powered with technology developed by San Francisco-based GetGoing, TripSource Hotels combines content from Global Distribution Systems with that of leading hotel booking aggregators and private hotels. Travelers trust that TripSource Hotels will offer them a wide choice of relevant properties at a rate competitive with what they might find on their own. Companies know TripSource Hotels encourages their travelers to book negotiated corporate rates.

When travelers book out-of-program hotels, it fragments the travel program. Travelers feel less tempted to shop around on their own when they’re given a convenient, user-friendly booking method that’s won their confidence. With full availability across multiple booking channels, TripSource Hotels combines the right content with convenience and ease of use. Moreover, it integrates with BCD Travel’s workflows and back office system, supporting a full hotel solution—including virtual payment automation, business intelligence and sourcing assistance.

“We give travelers the tools they need and want without compromising the managed travel program,” said Torsten Kriedt, vice president of Product Planning & Corporate Intelligence. “TripSource Hotels ensures that travelers will get real help by trusted agents when needed. Travel managers maintain immediate access to the travel data they need to manage their travel spend and support their travelers when disruptions occur.”

“It’s exciting to see our enterprise solutions coming to market on a global scale and to such a broad corporate client base,” said Alek Vernitsky, the CEO and co-founder of GetGoing, Inc. “BCD Travel’s robust global technology platform, strategic industry partnerships and passionate teams let us deliver a high-quality solution that performs and scales well.”

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