BCD Travel launches comprehensive travel risk management solution

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, August 22, 2011 –– In response to increased emphasis by corporations on reducing security and reputational risk, BCD Travel, the third-largest corporate travel management company worldwide, announces a comprehensive Travel Risk Management solution that draws on technological advances and a personalized approach to help  companies drastically reduce risk for travelers.

“We’re working with more and more customers who want a proactive approach to travel risk management – a strategy that looks beyond just the tools that make it work,” said Torsten Kriedt head of solution portfolio planning for BCD Travel. “Here’s a prime area where one size does not fit all. We’re helping our clients define what it really means to provide for their  travelers’ well-being and identifying solutions that fit the need.”

Advances in technology allow companies to track, communicate with and provide emergency intervention to travelers better than ever before. Whether reacting to disruptive weather, preparing employees for work in high-risk destinations, or intervening when a high-risk executive unexpectedly leaves a safe zone, corporations are looking to their travel teams to reduce both security and reputational risks.

Rapidly evolving technological capabilities and increased emphasis on risk mitigation among corporations have led BCD Travel to revisit its approach to what has become a fundamental aspect of corporate travel programs. BCD Travel’s enhanced Travel Risk Management solution uses a consultative, modular approach to ensure clients’ unique requirements are assessed from the point-of-sale through a traveler’s safe return home.

BCD Travel’s Travel Risk Management solution set includes:

• Trip Authorization – In addition to traditional policy-related applications, Trip Authorization can be used to ensure trips booked to high-risk destinations are approved prior to travel and relevant parties are informed about the travel plans.

• Essential Tracking & Alerts – Allows travel managers to easily track travelers, expatriates and company assets and the events that could impact their safety or travel plans. Also sends travelers important alerts prior to travel and text messages en route so they can plan appropriately and make good decisions throughout the journey.

• Interactive Communications – Uses two-way text messaging to communicate post-incident with all potentially impacted travelers. Employs automated workflows to ensure they are safe and tracks those who don’t respond for appropriate follow up.

• High Risk Tracking & Response – Includes a variety of premium services to enhance the standard of care, catering to high-risk situations and the protection of high-profile individuals. Features mobile device tracking, expert assistance services and specialist support anywhere in the world.

• Advisory Services – For larger clients that look for a comprehensive review of their Travel Risk Management program against market and internal best practices. Provides a road map to implement actions that strengthen the program across functions and the supply chain

“The broader view brings security, health and safety teams to the table alongside travel, procurement and third parties to ensure that responsibilities are clear, and existing resources are leveraged. Everyone works together to strengthen the program to ensure a concerted effort when an incident occurs,” said Kriedt.

“Today’s standard of care has progressed beyond traditional tracking,” he added. “Companies now need to manage risk proactively and consider the spectrum of capabilities that can be brought to bear on their particular needs.”

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